Rap Style Legal Knowledge

Let’s talk legal, and get it tight;
From rental agreements to family law in Boston’s bright light.
First up, we got that Hawaii rental agreement template;
Sign that dotted line, and get your space straight.

Next, down under in Australia, we got that free trade agreement,
With the USA, boosting business, so we can all relate.

For agreements between two parties, where it’s just me and you,
We got that simple sample agreement,
Making sure everything is cool and true.

When it comes to stock trades, we gotta follow the sec 10b5-1 plan rules;
Making sure everything’s legal, no time for fools.

On the family front, in the city of Boston;
We got that family law knowledge, so your situation ain’t forgotten.

For medical devices, and getting them on the market;
We need to have that FDA 510(k) requirements straight, no room to racket.

When it’s time to get things done, and work orders need to fly;
We need that understanding of work order contracts, so we can reach for the sky.

If law is your game, and you want to expand your mind;
Consider those law certificate courses, and knowledge you will find.

Now come on and listen, if you want to know how to
Fill out that basic rental lease agreement,
So your living situation will be brand new.

And finally, when you’re making deals, and signing on the line;
Understanding those articles in contracts,
Will make everything fine and shine.

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